Improving Your Hardscaping

After I realized that our back porch was chipping apart, I decided that I needed to work a little harder to make things right. I started carefully analyzing the area, and I realized that the concrete needed to be completely removed and re-poured. I knew that asphalt work was beyond my comfort level, so I decided to call in a professional contractor to do the work. It was amazing to watch them work, and when they were finished our yard looked brand new. This blog is all about improving your hardscaping by replacing old, cracked, or discolored asphalt or concrete paving.

3 Golden Tips To Help Keep Your Asphalt Residential Paving Looking Great


Your asphalt residential paving is always there to welcome you home. However, for it to remain in top-notch condition, asphalt maintenance is something you need to take seriously. If you fail to do so, it will be only a matter of time before it starts wearing out. Here are maintenance tips that will help keep your asphalt residential paving looking great. 

1. Apply Asphalt Sealer Regularly

As the word suggests, sealing helps protect your residential paving against destructive elements, including UV rays and water. That's why a professional residential paving services company will always seal your paving after installation. Even after the contractor applies the first coat, it's vital to reseal the asphalt paving regularly.

Asphalt sealing might sound like an opportunity to perfect your DIY skills, but it is not. This is a technical task that requires the right tools to achieve a perfect result. Considering that you probably don't have the skills, you might spend a lot of time trying to handle the task. 

2. Wipe out Stains as Soon as Possible

Asphalt residential paving undoubtedly gives your home a touch of class. However, the paving will look unattractive when stained with things like oils. In fact, oil can interfere with residential paving sealants. This explains why a reputable residential paving services expert will always check for gas and oil stains before applying asphalt sealant. If they don't do so, the oil might infiltrate the sealant and reappear on the surface. 

Removing asphalt oil and gas stains can be difficult. If you cannot eradicate them, calling in a trusted residential paving company can advise on what you need to do.

3. Uproot Intrusive Plants 

Plants make your property look amazing, but they are not suitable for your residential paving. As plants make their way through the asphalt, they end up causing cracks that force you to pay for repairs. The best way to keep asphalt cracks at bay is by uprooting all invasive plants. 

Installing edging material along the asphalt boundaries will ensure plants don't grow near the paving. This will also double up as a way of enhancing the beauty of your residential paving.

As a prudent homeowner, you need to know how to keep your residential paving in good shape. Applying asphalt sealant is among the best ways to go about this. What is more, ensure that you wipe out stains early enough. Lastly, don't forget to uproot invasive plants because they will cause cracks. For more information, contact a residential paving service.


28 January 2021