Improving Your Hardscaping

After I realized that our back porch was chipping apart, I decided that I needed to work a little harder to make things right. I started carefully analyzing the area, and I realized that the concrete needed to be completely removed and re-poured. I knew that asphalt work was beyond my comfort level, so I decided to call in a professional contractor to do the work. It was amazing to watch them work, and when they were finished our yard looked brand new. This blog is all about improving your hardscaping by replacing old, cracked, or discolored asphalt or concrete paving.

Why You Should Install An Asphalt Driveway


A properly installed driveway is an investment that can last for many years while providing a high return on investment. 

If you're considering using asphalt for a new residential driveway, learn about the benefits that it can bring compared to alternative paving materials such as concrete. That way, you can make a well-informed decision as to whether it is the best paving material for your driveway construction project.

Take a look at some of the top benefits you'll realize if you decide to install an asphalt driveway in your home.

Asphalt Provides Good Ride Quality

No matter your driving speed, you want to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride on your residential driveway. A quality asphalt installation will provide a smooth finished surface that ensures good ride quality from the entrance of your home to the spot where you park your car. 

Asphalt is Designed to Last

As long as it is properly designed, constructed, maintained, and used, an asphalt driveway can provide many years of service. Asphalt is also designed to withstand freeze-and-thaw cycles. 

If you intend to use de-icing salts on your driveway in winter, you can also benefit from the installation of hot-mix asphalt, which is unaffected by salts.

Asphalt Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing

Aesthetics shouldn't be everything when you're installing a driveway, but you simply can't overlook its importance when it comes to assessing the impact of the project.

Asphalt driveways come in a range of decorative options that will wow your guests as they enter and leave your property. Some common examples of decorative asphalt include colored, stamped, and imprinted asphalt. 

If you decide to sell your home at some point in the future, your decorative driveway will serve as a major attraction for potential homebuyers.

Asphalt is Fully Recyclable

There's an increasing need for construction contractors to use materials that have the least detrimental impact on the environment. Asphalt lends itself as one such material. When it is time to resurface or replace your driveway, all the asphalt material that is removed on-site can be taken to a designated facility where it can be recycled fully.

Although asphalt driveways can provide many years of service when properly installed, maintained, and used, they'll begin to show signs of damage over the course of their lifespan. If you pick up any signs of damage to your asphalt surface, it's important to get it fixed immediately because smaller problems tend to exacerbate over time, leading to expensive repairs. For more information, talk to your local asphalt paving experts.


7 August 2020