Improving Your Hardscaping

After I realized that our back porch was chipping apart, I decided that I needed to work a little harder to make things right. I started carefully analyzing the area, and I realized that the concrete needed to be completely removed and re-poured. I knew that asphalt work was beyond my comfort level, so I decided to call in a professional contractor to do the work. It was amazing to watch them work, and when they were finished our yard looked brand new. This blog is all about improving your hardscaping by replacing old, cracked, or discolored asphalt or concrete paving.

Tips To Upgrade And Improve Your Backyard Concrete Surfaces


Your backyard provides hours of fun and activities for you, your family, and your guests with cookouts, celebrations, and get-togethers for many years. Installing the right concrete slab can make your backyard look finished and high-end even without the high-end price when you use the right finishes and treatments. And if you are working with a swimming pool deck, you want to make sure the concrete remains protected and has elements of safety to anyone walking upon it. Here are some options you can add to your backyard concrete patio and concrete pool deck to provide attractive elements and safety.

Provide a Finish to the Concrete

If you already have an existing concrete surface in your backyard, you can add a stamped surface design that will make your concrete have the appearance of stone or rock instead of a bare concrete color and finish. By adding an extra layer of concrete onto the surface of your finished concrete, a concrete professional can use a stamp to give the surface the texture of individual flat-surface stones set in mortar. Then, with a concrete stain and a sealant, the finished look will be beautiful and protect the surface of your concrete through years of use.

You can also look at finishing a new concrete surface with any variety of finishes. For example, for your swimming pool deck patio, you will want to provide anti-slip traction to the concrete, especially as it will be within a wet environment. A salt finish will provide this type of grip to bare feet. Your concrete professional will press rock salt into the surface of the wet concrete. Then, when the concrete cures, the rock salt will rinse away, exposing the voids where the rock was and providing the rough surface you need.

Protect and Seal the Design

Whichever design you choose for a backyard patio or a swimming pool deck, you should make sure to seal it once you have the right look and color. A stained concrete patio will need a concrete sealant that will seep into the concrete's pores instead of sitting upon the surface of the concrete. This will provide a water-resistant surface that will repel water and protect the surface from any stains or rusting. 

A pool deck will be exposed to a lot of moisture, and any metal deck chairs can leave rust stains upon your concrete if you do not protect your concrete with a finishing sealant. Be sure your concrete professional applies the right type of concrete sealant so your pavement and its beautiful appearance are protected and preserved.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers concrete finishing services.


17 June 2020