Improving Your Hardscaping

After I realized that our back porch was chipping apart, I decided that I needed to work a little harder to make things right. I started carefully analyzing the area, and I realized that the concrete needed to be completely removed and re-poured. I knew that asphalt work was beyond my comfort level, so I decided to call in a professional contractor to do the work. It was amazing to watch them work, and when they were finished our yard looked brand new. This blog is all about improving your hardscaping by replacing old, cracked, or discolored asphalt or concrete paving.

3 Ways To Create A Low-Maintenance Outdoor Space


Outdoor spaces are a great way to make comfortable outdoor living a reality. These spaces can increase the value of the home and are great for entertainment and relaxation. One problem with outdoor spaces is that they can require a great deal of maintenance. This is especially true if an outdoor space has a lot of plants or a fast-growing lawn. There are a few different things that can be done to ensure that more time is spent enjoying an outdoor space than time spent on upkeep.

Minimize Lawn Areas

Cutting grass can be a big hassle, especially in the warmer months. One way to spend less time cutting grass is to have less of it! This is where pavers come in. Using pavers for things like patios, walkways, and pool areas can reduce the amount of lawn needed. Pavers are easy to walk on and provide a flat surface for chairs and tables. Cleaning them is as easy as rinsing them off with a water hose. There are many different types of pavers available and finding one to fit a budget is relatively easy. Patios made from pavers can cost about $15 per square foot on average, but costs are dependent on location and materials used.

Low-Maintenance Greenery

For those who can't imagine an outdoor space without a green lawn, there are plenty of low-maintenance options available. Low maintenance turf grasses require little watering or mowing and are increasing in popularity. Ornamental grasses are also a low-maintenance alternative that work well in certain areas. Synthetic grass requires no watering or mowing since it's made up of plastic materials. This is a great choice for anyone who likes the look of grass but wants none of the work involved. It is more expensive, coming in at $6.50 per square foot versus $3.80 for the real thing. 

The Little Details

Paying attention to the little details is an important part of creating a comfortable and functional outdoor space. Outdoor furniture should be sturdy and weather resistant. Any cushions used should be water resistant and mildew resistant. Plants can add a lot of character to an outdoor space. They can also require a great deal of watering and pruning. There are plenty of low-maintenance plant species that look great and make upkeep an easy task.

Creating a low-maintenance outdoor space is a possibility for any homeowners. Getting rid of grass in favor of pavers can save a lot of time on watering and mowing. For those who don't want to give up a green lawn, there are plenty of low-maintenance species and synthetic grasses available. Finally, it's important to pay attention to details. Using low-maintenance materials and easy-to-care for plants is essential. 

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23 May 2016