Improving Your Hardscaping

After I realized that our back porch was chipping apart, I decided that I needed to work a little harder to make things right. I started carefully analyzing the area, and I realized that the concrete needed to be completely removed and re-poured. I knew that asphalt work was beyond my comfort level, so I decided to call in a professional contractor to do the work. It was amazing to watch them work, and when they were finished our yard looked brand new. This blog is all about improving your hardscaping by replacing old, cracked, or discolored asphalt or concrete paving.

Making Simple Repairs To Your Asphalt Walkways


If you have asphalt walkways on your business property grounds, you will want to take necessary steps in maintaining them so customers are less at risk of an injury while utilizing them. Asphalt is a rather durable surface, but it will still require sporadic repair work to keep it in the best of shape. Here are some instructions you can follow when maintaining and repairing the asphalt paving of your walkways so they can continue to be used without incident.

Clean Surfaces Regularly

Keeping your asphalt walkways clean will not only make them safer for those walking upon them but it will aid in the condition of them as well. When debris piles up on an asphalt surface, moisture tends to pool up around it. This standing water can structurally compromise the condition of the asphalt by weakening it over time. This would lead to cracking or crumbling. Take the time to sweep the walkways with a push broom or use a pressure washer every week or so to remove any grime from the surface.

Take Care Of Repair Promptly

At the first signs of deteriorating asphalt, make preparations to fill in crevices and holes so the damage does not escalate. Leaving these blemished areas can quickly become a larger problem from inclement weather and normal wear and tear from people walking upon the surface. Fill cracks and holes with fine crushed gravel pieces to add stability. Cover with an asphalt sealant. This will protect the surface from further deterioration and will last until you are able to have an asphalt company cover it for visual improvement purposes.

Add A Protective Coating

To improve the look of your walkways, as well as give a barrier of protection, sealant can be applied to them every year or two. This will add a dark coloring to the surface, making the walkways stand out aesthetically after it is applied. To add this protection, simply brush it over the surface of the walkways with a special asphalt sealant brush tool. This has a brush on one end for initial application and a squeegee on the other for smoothing purposes. It is a good idea to add two coats of sealant for maximum protection. 

Make sure no one walks on the walkways as the sealant is drying or permanent marks will be embedded on their surfaces. Wait until a time when no one will be needing to utilize them or plot an alternate route for people to use for navigation when working on the walkways.


4 February 2016